Thursday, 9 July 2015

Memorable Experience At Country Club Wild Life Resort, Bandipur
We recently visited Bandipur for our annual family vacation and decided to stay at Country Club Wild Life Resort, Bandipur. It was a last minute decision as we had not booked any rooms beforehand.

We had a wonderful time at this Country Club India property. It was a refreshing experience at the jungle resort with all the comforts and wilderness around.  We felt very safe with an adventurous arena for the kids as well.

All services were outstanding at the hotel wherein the rooms were clean and well maintained. We used the swimming pool and our children enjoyed their time there owing to the fancy slides. Restaurant had a variety of food which was delectable. What we liked the most were the assortment of salads served in the buffet set-up. There were lots of indoor games and outdoor games as well which helped us bond as a family.

Our stay was very comfortable. Our special thanks to the helpful staff at Country Club Wild Life Resort who made the trip a memorable one.


  1. Quando Vacanza India, ottenendo preparato in anticipo, non è il lavoro di base per un viaggio di successo come si potrebbe pensare, ma il suo ruolo importante per il vostro viaggio

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