Tuesday, 30 June 2015

PARATHA FESTIVAL at Country Club Water Park, Ahmedabad

Paratha Festival, Country Club Vacation
Indians have been foodies since time memorial and they love their idlis, chole bhatures, biryanis, samosa and parathas in equal measures. Taking a cue from this, Country Club Water Park in Ahmedabad has organized for a ‘Paratha Festival’ for their esteemed members. Country Club India is known to be innovative with the activities that they pursue at all their properties and this is one of them. 

For the paratha festival, special chefs have been invited to cook these scrumptious Indian delicacies coupled with a yogurt based side dish. A true-blue Indian fair, the paratha festival is sure to bring out the foodie in you while you gorge on these delectable a flatbread that has originated in the Indian Subcontinent. A paratha essentially means layers of cooked dough with ghee and spices and sometimes potatoes and other ingredients filled in it.

Come and enjoy the exotic flavours burst in your mouth at Country Club Kolat Resort from 7pm onwards.

This age-old food with spices is sure to recreate the splendor of Indian cuisine. So be there at Country Club Water Park Ahmedabad, to pamper the foodie in you on 4th July, 2015 from 7pm onwards. Food and Beverages are Chargeable. Contact for more details: 9586985805

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