Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kebabs And IPL at Country Club India Andheri West most popular family vacation partner for Indian families, Country Club India, forms the largest chain of holiday facilities across 186 locations in India. The sheer number of its locations and the grandeur of its vacations make it the biggest chain of family clubs in the country.

Country Club India’s clubbing facilities are the venue for most exclusive parties which make it known as the power house of entertainment. All its outlets have facilities such as Health clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business centre, swimming pool, etc.

Country Club Vacation India custom family holiday packages are a rage. Country Club Vacation is the first choice for every vacation-freak. Star-studded entertainment events are another one of its buzz-creating activities.

Known to host innovative events, Country Club India often combines them with celebrations of diverse national and international festivals across every destination. Country Club events never fail to entertain the members.

Everyone knows how Country Club organises events to suit the needs of its members. In keeping with the reputation, Country Club Andheri West is set for all cricket fans and foodies, which is basically everyone in India. The club is hosting an IPL Match Screening event, where you can also enjoy delightful Qureshi Kebabs. So, better decide on whose side you will be, Team Cricket or Team Kebabs! Make sure you book well in advance.

Food and beverages are chargeable.

Details Of The Qureshi Kebabs And IPL Match Screening:

28th May, 2016
7:00 PM
Member Entry Charges:
Guest Entry Charges:
Country Club Andheri West

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Country Club India - Guindy Organises Drawing Competition For Kids

Country Club India is known as the powerhouse of entertainment for its state-of-the-art clubbing facilities.

Deriving inspiration from diverse national and international festivals, Country Club is known to host the most innovative events that never fail to entertain the members.

Summer holidays are the best time for your kids to develop and engage in extra-curricular skills. Country Club Guindy is set to boost the spirit of kids with a drawing competition. Book the tickets soon and let your child’s creative side show!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Chinese Food Festival at Country Club India - Water Park

The “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India”, Country Club India has its clubbing facilities spread across 186 locations in India, a wide-spread network the club takes pride in. The family holiday packages are designed as per the members' preferences to giving them an unforgettable experience

Country Club Water Park brings to you an innovative event for the summers. A day at the water-park followed by an authentic Chinese cuisine for dinner will be the perfect way to spend a mini-vacation during summers. Book your tickets to the Chinese Food Festival at Country Club Water Park soon!