Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rajeev Reddy's CMD of Country Club India's take on Union Budget 2015

Rajeev Reddy, Country Club India

NRIs living in UAE upbeat on India growth. Rajeev Reddy, chairman of Country Club's take on Union Budget 2015. With the extended visa on arrival policy India has made the world a global playground and this will be a great impetus to travel and tourism industry, With this move, the tourism industry will make a quantum leap in growth. This will have a direct impact on aviation, infrastructure like airports, hotels, resorts and will also attract global skill sets which will make India a strong global visible player. 

The proposed overhaoul of capital gains taxes will pave the way for the listing of Real Estate Investment Trusts in the country. The budget proposes a strategic focus on financial inclusion. The initiative to launch a National Skills Mission is a commendable step towards youth empowerment.

The initiative of enacting new law on black money is an effective way to tackle the threat of Hawala system and boost legal remittances that would increase India's foreign assets and broad money. 


  1. Plz read the content in photo. Country club employees had threaten me and my family. Our security and peace is on threat.

  2. Your sales people from Country club called us many times to visit your office at Korum Mall in Thane (Maharashtra) & attain 45 min presentation and in return you will give us free holiday package ( no need to buy / register ). We listen to all point of you executive for almost an hour, he was repeating same points again and again & was wasting our time. . I requested to conclude and let us know the costing,
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