Monday, 23 March 2015

Launch Of Country Club’s Real Estate Project~Osadia Garden City!

Country Club Osadia Garden City, Country Club Real Estate Project

In the words of CMD Mr. Y. Rajeev Reddy, Country Club’s latest venture is nothing but “a blast from the past”! 

Beginning his career in the formidable territory of real estate and establishing new heights in this domain thereafter, the Country Club India group headed by Mr. Reddy has made a resounding plunge in it yet again.

The Country Club group's much awaited realty project 'Osadia Garden City' based in Bangalore is truly unique in its visionary approach to provide affordable classy homes for one & all. The Bangalore based ‘Osadia Garden City’ Project reflects the visionary approach of the Country Club management as a whole. Mr. Siddharth Reddy, who is heading the project. 

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