Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Endurance Event At Country Club Vacation India - Kalyan Nagar Bangalore

Country Club Vacation India is famous for its remarkable family hospitality services. It has branches across 186 locations in India and is called the “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India”. A high-class holidaying experience is what the members of the Country Club India always relish!

Country Club Vacation is the largest chain of family clubs. It is equipped with essential facilities such as fitness clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business center and swimming pool.

Country Club India specializes in offering affordable and comprehensive clubbing to families. One of the main USPs of Country Club India is to provide its members with innovative family holiday packages and star-studded entertainment events.

Country Club India, the entertainment hub, regularly organizes various entertainment events and celebrates diverse national and international festivals across every destination.

To stay Hearty and healthy in life Country Club Fitness FTX Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore has organized the Endurance event. In times of hustle and bustle, health forms a vital ingredient for a successful professional career. To keep you on your toes, Country Club has organized this event. Expect a lot of cycling, rowing and other exercises to help build your stamina. Challenge your fitness level with time based workouts. A 45 minute intensive cardio focused workout will help get your heart rate up and increase blood circulation. 

Event Details - Endurance At Country Club Fitness FTX Kalyan Nagar
Date: Jun 28, 2016 Time: 07:00 AM
Contact: +91 7353033955

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