Thursday, 8 October 2015

Country Club Cochin – Onam Celebrations

Country Club India regularly organizes events to celebrate diverse national festivals across every destination. It pioneers in the concept of offering 360 degree leisure hospitality services in India. In its efforts to sustain and passionately follow Indian culture, Country Club has rightfully earned the title of the powerhouse of entertainment.

Built along the tranquil backwaters, Country Club Cochin is packed with inimitable characteristics of a luxurious waterfront holiday resort. It offers multicuisine restaurant and experience the finest local delicacies, including fresh seafood and coconut flavored yummy vegetarian delights.

Recently, Country Club Cochin organized an event to celebrate the joyous occasion of Onam festival. Dressed in traditional, the members arrived with their respective families. A high spirited celebration followed along with some fun activities such as tug of war.

The members also performed the traditional dance to the tunes of drums. The staff then arranged for food and beverages. Everyone enjoyed the traditional Onam menu served on banana leaf.

Overall, the event was well-received as members went home with several pictures and memories. Thanks to the staff’s hospitality and services, Country Club continues to bring memorable events for its esteemed members.