Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to Redeem Country Club Vacation Gift Voucher

Country Vacation Gift Voucher
A voucher is a complimentary gift from Country Vacation, that is issued at the time of your joining Country Club Membership scheme. It allows the bearer to avail a vacation at the listed & available locations of Country Club properties, at a basic nominal charge.

The voucher is subject to the terms and conditions. So before you wish to redeem your gift voucher, read carefully all the terms and conditions that are printed on the voucher.  

This gift voucher is non transferable and only family members can redeem. Country Club India will not accept any non families.

As of June 2012 the voucher has 3 booking fees 

(A) One week – INR 4000 
(B) 2 or 3 nights weekends – INR 2500 
(c) 2 or 3 nights weekdays – INR 2200

To redeem your gift voucher click

For booking your holidays on voucher, you need to enter the Voucher number and valid Mobile number on the above given url.

Booking of the week is done fully online and Country club do not provide customer support for the same.


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