Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Amazing Weekend With Country Club, Surat

Country Club India
Surat is one of the fastest growing cities in India. The economic data places Surat at the very top of the fastest growing cities in India. The city on the west coast of India, about 300 kilometers north of Mumbai and almost an equal distance south of Ahmedabad, the city is known for its diamond trade and textile industry. Thus it attracts the tourist to shop as per Country Club India.

Surat situated on the left bank of the Tapi River. Surat is second largest city in Gujarat and ninth largest in India. With several visiting places like The Chintamani Jain Temple, Dutch Garden, The Surat Fort, The Sardar Patel Museum, Jawaharlal Nehru Garden, Saputara Wilson Hills and Gujarat Vansda National Park the Country Club Surat members can enjoy their stay in Surat. Surat is known for its cuisine, which includes lasting favorites such as "ghari" (a type of sweet), locho, petis, undhiyu, rasaawala khaman, club allows you to explore the city to the fullest.

Country Club Surat members can enjoy Surat with maximum enjoyment with their whole family. It will allow you for complete relaxation and pleasure. The city has got various temples to visit and enriched with the culture.

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